When you choose to have an inspection prior to listing your home on the market, it provides a better understanding of conditions and possible defects which may be discovered by the buyer’s inspector. These items can then be addressed prior and can help remove some uncertainty which in turn can result in a competitive advantage in today’s market.

We recommend having an inspection on any home and this includes brand new construction. Most builders are high quality builders and provide a high quality product to purchasers. Much of the house is usually constructed by sub-contractors and it can become overwhelming for both the builder and local city inspectors to keep up with the housing demand. It is great to have a third party inspector out to make sure items were not missed and completed the correct way.

The inspection report is YOUR report and we will not give a copy of the report to anyone but you without your consent. However, you will probably want your real estate agent (if applicable) to also have a copy. When you schedule your inspection, we will ask you if you would like us to send the report to any other parties.

No house is perfect and most of the home inspection findings will be maintenance recommendations and minor imperfections. At times we do find major defects and safety hazards. Every situation is different and it is up to you and your real estate agent to decide how to proceed after the inspection.

No. The home inspections we provide differ from that of municipal inspections – which can fail. We try to provide you with the best information in order to help you make decisions on your home purchase. We do not fail or pass homes.

A complete and thorough home inspection will typically last between 2 to 4 hours. A quality inspection should not be rushed by you, other parties (including the inspector) or any real estate agents.

Inspections tend to be lengthy so many buyers typically attend towards the end of the inspection to get a summary of deficiency items found. It’s always best to be present, if possible, so we may review any report findings with you in person. You are not required to attend the home inspection.